Overview of the Findity Platform

Expense Management for developers

Our expense platform comes in different forms and colors, you might be using our own product that goes under the name Findity or one of our partners white labeled solutions. We offer a SaaS platform that is accessed via the web and mobile application and of course accessible via APIs that are described in this documentation. Since our software is more or less built on APIs, many of the platform’s features and functionality are available via external APIs for you to use.

What can you do with our APIs?

Basically, everything you can do as an end-user or administrator is available as an API endpoint, for instance, creating expenses, managing the organization, users, dimensions, approval structure, and fetching bookkeeping data, etc.

One of the most obvious reasons you should build a solution against our APIs is to automate the full process of expense management, from onboarding to implementing expense management in your own apps and clients.

We have structured our API offering in three parts, all accessible via APIs for you to integrate with the environment where your customers reside. You can pick and choose which areas to build your own integration against and which ones to use the already built-in ones, as our white-label offering includes all parts of the product ready to run and can provide you with a fast go-to-market.

API First Expense Management

API First Expense Management

Admin API

Automating the onboarding is key to a successful expense management solution. Get new clients and their employees up and running in no time by hooking up your user onboarding flow with Findity. All settings and data that belong to a customer can be addressed via the Admin API, you can for instance manage users, approval structure, sync dimensions, and more.

Expense API

If you want to incorporate Expense management functionality in your client or app, the Expense API is the way to go. We have endpoints that help you build the interface, i.e. which fields are relevant for creating expenses, mileage, per diem, expense report, etc.

Connect API

With the introduction of our new 'Connect API,' we're putting the power of integration into your hands. Now, you have the ability to create your own seamless connections to Findity. This opens up a world of possibilities, from transferring data to your own accounting or payroll system to enhancing the experience for you and your customers. It's all about making things faster and better.

Connect to our expense management engine, to fetch expense reports and bookkeeping data that you want to populate in your financial system. It can also receive data from you like card transactions, and mileage that are related to a user. Basically, it is an import and export API. If you are an integration partner or supplier of a financial system, you can build a standard solution that can be made available in our marketplace for our huge customer base.