The Findity API platform consists of three main parts, tailoring different use cases:

  • Admin API: Automating the onboarding is key to a successful expense management solution. Get new clients and their employees up and running in no time by hooking up your user onboarding flow with Findity. All settings and data that belong to a customer can be addressed via the Admin API, you can for instance manage users, approval structure, sync dimensions, and more.
  • Expense API: If you want to incorporate Expense management functionality in your client or app, the Expense API is the way to go. We have endpoints that help you build the interface, i.e. which fields are relevant for creating expenses, mileage, per diem, expense report, etc.
  • Connect API: This API is used to integrate external systems like bookkeeping and salary systems, card transaction providers, fleet management systems, etc.

API First Expense Management